Have you ever got a missed call from people you don’t know? And the only way to know who called you is to call them back. But most of the times these unknown calls are from telemarketers or scammers or from companies trying to promote their products that we all very desperately want to avoid. Sometimes, you are not even able to call them back instantly or your call is not received on the other side. So what do you do?

Since there is no proper directory of numbers where you can look up numbers easily and paid services are usually expensive that not everybody can afford them. Also, most people don’t allow their numbrs to be listed on online services. Especially, the websites which promise to give you information about a certain number in exchange of a high amount of money are not trustworthy. They could be potetial scam websites which can cause you trouble. So its pretty hard to find out the owner of a phone number even if you pay for it. But there are other ways which can help you in finding out the identity of your caller for absolutely free.

Here are a few ways that can help you find the owner of the cell phone for free-

Google The Phone Number

If you google a phone number, there are chances that the name of the owner of the phone number also appears in the search results. They must have mentioned their number on other webistes or on other corporate company’s website for which they are working. Just type in the digits in the search bar and wait for the results.

Look-up The Number On A Social Media

This is another easy way to find out the identity of the caller. Many people put their numbers on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Just enter their number in the search bar, you can get the username and use their username to find out their name and other contact details by just googling it.

Search The Number On Public Databases

There are many websites like Gravatom which allow you to find out the owner of a number for free by just entering the digits in their search bar. Some people allow their number to be listed on these websites. Once you have entered the digits, it will start processing the number and the details of the number like name, email address and other alternative contact information might also appear.

Call The Number Back

The easiest and the fastest way to find the identity of a number is to just simply call them back or text them!

So next time you get a call from someone you don’t know or you want to find out someone’s name and other contact details through their number only, you can use the above-mentioned methods to easily find out the identity of the phone number’s owner.

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