Humans could possibly go on for days without food or water, but our phones are like air, we can’t go a day without them. Since we all have everything in our phones these days, texts, account details and other personal data, for some of us our phones have become more important to us as compared to anything else. But, are you aware that someone can access all your personal information without you knowing? Our phones are not safe as we think they are.

These days, through spy software apps your cell phones can be spied on without you having a clue about it.  These spy software apps can keep track of your activities and can access sensitive information on your phones. Cell phone spying can be done with spy apps that are installed on your phone without your permissions and then it records you activities and calls and send the information to the hackers.

A Few Signs Of Your Phone Is Being Spied

  • Suspicious Apps –  Do you have unknown apps installed on your phones that you didn’t download? If yes, then those apps might be spy apps that are keeping track of your activities.
  • Overheating Phone– Your phone can overheat if you use it vigorously for hours. But, if you haven’t been using your phone as much and it is still  overheating, then some spy app might be running in the background and causing your phone to overheat.
  • Decreasing Battery Life– Usually, spyware apps use a significant amount of battery to function. So, if your phone discharges quickly and you are charging your phone more than you used to, then its possible that you have a spy app on your phone and your phone is being spied on.
  • Odd Background Noises– Do you hear weird sounds in the background while talking to someone else? If this has happened frequently, then chances are that your phone is being tracked.
  • Deteriorating Speed of Your Phone– If you have noticed that your phone has become slower while browsing different apps, it could be another sign that of phone spying.
  • Unusual texts- One of the features of any spyware app is that it sends unusual texts to your phone, usually in the form of numbers and symbols. If your phone is receiving unusual texts in coded form, that’s another red flag that your phone might be tracked.
  • Sudden Phone Shutdown– If your phone keeps on shutting down suddenly, then this is another warning sign that your phone is being tracked without your knowledge.

Increased Data Usage– If your data usage has increased oddly even when you haven’t used as much as its showing on your bill recently, then this could be a sign of a presence of a spyware app on your phone.

If you notice any of these warning signs and find out that there might be a spying app on your device, here’s what to do if your phone is being spied on-

  • If you find out that there’s a spyware app on your phone, then go through every app and delete the app yourself. Once its deleted you can see your phone functioning instantly better than before.
  • Deleteing a spy app can be a tedious work as you’ll have to go through every single app to find out which app is the culprit. So another best way is to  update your device. Once your device is updated, the spy app will stop working with the updated version.
  • Do a factory reset of your phone, this will remove any unknown app from your devuce. Always make sure that your device is fully backed up bfore this step is taken.
  • Install anti-spyare apps on your phone, that will find out any spy app and remove it.

The above mentioned steps can help you track a spyware app on your phone and this can help you get rid of the unknown spyware apps on your phone.

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