If you are a regular user of social media, then you must be familiar with the dark side of it. The trolls. They are everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and your blogs.  They get their joy solely from upsetting other people and ruining their day with nasty comments.

What Is A Social Media Troll?

Social Media trolls are pathetic people who sit behind the screen with their keyboard and fire off rude comments to make other’s lives a misery because they can’t handle their own miserable life. Lurking in every corner of social media they are watching and waiting for you to post something so that they can spread hate, negativity, and anger through their nasty comments. All they want is to get attention by picking fights, being mean to others without any reason. Yes, they don’t need a reason to disrupt people’s peace.

Now if you are a victim if this trolling behavior of theirs or if you ever fall prey to social media trolls, here are a few ways to avoid them:


Ways To Avoid Social Media Trolls

Ignorance Is Bliss

Someone said it right. If a troll wrecks havoc on your posts, just simply ignore them. Always remember, the only goal of a troll is to get attention no matter how. Once you reply back, it will add fuel to their fire of spreading their vicious and mean comments. So just ignore them and simply go about your day. Never take it personally, whatever they say or comment is a true reflection of themselves, not yours.

Moderate Commenting

You can moderate comments for your posts. On many social media platforms, you have an option to moderate comments before they appear on your feed. This basically means that you can review comments and delete the negative ones before they even reach your post.

Block Them

Take away their right to even see your posts at all by simply blocking them. This will clear any negativity on your posts and make the trolls even angrier! Nothing better than taking away their power and make them feel helpless.

Disable Commenting

This way is also a win-win for you if you disable commenting, this will not only save you from their insidious comments from getting to you but also not let them comment. So next time a troll targets you and try to ruin your day, they’ll be disappointed to find out that they can’t comment. You can just sit back and carry on with your day peacefully!

Kill Them With Kindness

Yes, cutting hate with hate is not always the solution. If they comment something rude or mean, fight back with positive comments. They will have no other reason to continue their trolling on your post.

Be Sarcastic

If a troll comments something nasty and tries to provoke anger in you, stay calm. Instead, thank them for being “nice” or for their “amazing” comments. This is sure to freeze their fingers right on the keyboard while they try to figure out what they just read.

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