With the digitalization of most of the records that were formerly paper in substance, technology has assisted the government fairly well in serving any citizen’s reasonable request for RTI (right to information) via secure online portals.

Like all other various database websites available online for quick searches, many economically well-doing governments all over the world have facilitated inmate data search sites for internet users, helping them check public criminal records and any particular individual’s respective terms served in a custody. Although many sites give prominence to current prisoners and prefer past records to remain confidential, there are other websites that allow searching past inmate records as well.

The sole purpose of maintaining and providing prisoner search tool is to promote the welfare and safety of the public by having a means to run background checks when needed. Individuals without any record can use these database sites to validate any suspicion or security concern they may have when in association with someone, and similarly individuals who have been behind the bars in the past can look up on these sites to check whether their details have been removed or if they are yet on display.

Way to Find Prisoners With Arrest Search

Checking these databases is pretty much of an easy task. Here’s how:

  • Search for “inmate/prisoner lookup tool” on your browser.
  • Go through the search results and choose an appropriate lookup site based on factors like the respective state/region of imprisonment etc.
  • Once the database site you like is found, type in basic details of the person on whom you want to conduct the search.
  • Details usually asked by sites include the First name, Middle name and Surname of the prisoner, along with the age, gender and in some cases race. Or, a simple prisoner ID could suffice.
  • Additionally in particular sites, the search cannot be efficiently executed until and unless the exact state/city has been determined.
  • If the details run successfully and there is a person with a criminal record on your entry, you have what you required.
  • Sometimes if you are certain of the inmate but the database doesn’t give the expected results, there is a chance you need to verify the province where the person was sentenced the term of imprisonment, or simply assume the record has been made confidential.

Using such tools is how one can find the criminal records of offenders quick and swiftly. These tools can be of great help to people who suspect that a particular individual around them is involved in law offending practices.

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