Applying for jobs becomes a little difficult if your previous job experience does not look as clean as your resume. If you have been fired from your previous job,  your prospective employer can find out about it. Any wise employer will always do a background check before they offer you a position in their company. Employers always want to make sure that they are hiring a candidate that best suits the needs of their company and will help the company prosper in the future. They don’t want to hire someone who will pose harm to the company and its workers.

Through a background check, an employer can find out about the history of your employment, which means information about all the jobs you have had and the companies you have worked for, can be accessed by your prospective employer. When you apply for a job you’ll be asked to agree for a background check. Even if you have cleared interviews, a termination of a past job can affect the job you have currently applied for or already hired.

Background checks are usually done to ensure whether you have any criminal records or not. This can help the company decide if you are the right candidate and fit for the position you are applying for.  If you are getting hired for a very important position that expects you to handle money related responsibilities in a financial institution, then a background check will be done on your financial issues. Background checks also include drug testing, academic record, fingerprints (for any potential criminal records) and your social security number scan.

If you were ever terminated from your previous job, then its highly likely that it will appear in the background check. Some companies ask you in the application only, why you left your previous job or if you were ever fired from a job. It is not necessary that the companies will reject after knowing that you were terminated. If the reason you give for your past termination convinces the company that your past will not affect the future of the company, then they will hire you. But never lie on your application as it will only result in getting rejected and always remember that they can find out about your dishonesty through a background check. If you think that a previous job termination might not get you the job you are applying for, tell the company about it before they do a background check on you. The company will appreciate your honesty. Just tell the truth and explain to them why you were fired and how you have learned from it.  

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