How To Spot Fake Orphanages And Prevent Them

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.” -Edmund Burk A place that shelters tenderly aged kids who rely merely upon charity and goodwill to endure their lives- this is the first thought process of anyone hears the term orphanage. While this idea of an orphanage is no wrong, the bigger picture is somehow […]

Protecting Yourself from Fraud Retirement Plan

After working relentlessly all your life, retirement begins to seem like the vacation you very much longed for, leaving you hunting the market for the best suitable retirement plans to enjoy your retired life in the near future. A typical retirement plan allows you to invest a part of your savings with a hope to […]

How to Stop E-mail Spoofing

Spoofing in layman terms is the imitation and manipulation of information or the impersonation of individuals with a motive to outwit others. The sole objective of spoofing is to deceive individuals while aiming for either monetary gains or non-monetary profits of similar worth. Netizens i.e. the citizens of the internet have been steadily noticing incline […]

Internet Strangers Can Be Dangerous! How To Stay Safe Online

The idea that a stranger equals danger has been soaked into our minds ever since we learned to walk or cycle alone in the park. With new platforms of communications available, considering the gateway to a whole new world online that the internet provides us with, the scope for meeting strangers has increased over time […]

5 Most Common Social Engineering Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Social engineering is a term used for a wide range of malevolent activities that cybercriminals practice in order to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive personal information. These malicious activities are accomplished via human interactions that psychologically manipulate and play make-believe with the users to extract as much information as possible. This extracted information will be […]

How Hackers Can Steal Your Data Using Public WiFi

Let’s be honest. Any person’s frugal nature is evident when they choose free Wi-Fi over their own mobile data.  You are outdoors browsing as usual but as soon your smartphone notifies you that there is a free Wi-Fi network nearby, you switch. Who doesn’t like free Wi-Fi? As a matter of fact, many restaurants and […]