Having a dearly loved and cared person go missing brings us to a heart-wrenching position, with our inner voices pleading for the return of our loved one. While feeling helpless and being heartbroken brings no remedy to the situation, there are ways that can actually empower and assist us in finding and tracing our missing member and in bringing them back to the safety of family and friends.

Being an agonizing event, it is best to get started with finding the missing person as immediately as possible instead of lamenting their absence by getting carried away emotionally. Each minute the person goes missing is a crucial one, too precious to slip by, making it of utmost importance to be quick when it comes to tracing a lost person.

On determining that the person has definitely gone missing, here is how to get them back.

Steps To Find A Missing Person

Alert the Authorities

As soon as it is established that a person you know has gone missing, the wisest move you can first make is alerting the authorities i.e. the cops that a person has gone missing or into possible hiding. Once alerted, filing a missing person’s report is the right thing to do as it is of great help in involving law enforcement in tracing back the missing person.

Provide Information To The Authorities

In case you know why the person has gone missing or if you even have a faint idea, you ought to provide the authorities with every last bit of information that comes to your mind. Any existing health conditions or mental disorders as well are to be informed as even the slightest of details could be a turning point in the investigation, solving a lot of time and trouble in finding the person.

Establish Contact With Family and Friends

Make contact with all the friends and family members and if time permits, sit a meeting and inquire about anything they could know regarding the missing individual’s state of mind, financial conditions, misunderstandings, external pressures or anything disturbing that could cause the individual to disappear. Getting these leads in the case can speed up the investigation and helps in figuring out if the missing person’s life is endangered by any means.

Start Putting Up Signs

Involve your neighborhood and begin to put up “Missing” signs everywhere so that any person who has seen the individual knows what to do. Provide information on the individual like his name, height, weight, age, last worn clothes, along with their recent photograph. The signs must also include contact information for Robin Hoods of the society to contact in case of any new news. Providing a reward amount with the sign as well as a good fuel to the process. Post these signs everywhere in places with large scopes of buying attention.

Use Social Media Optimally

First things first, check the social media handles of the missing individual thoroughly to check if there is any activity that could suggest being the reason of disappearance. Once done, make it viral online on every social media platform that a particular person has gone missing. It is basically the same as putting up signs but digitally. Encourage sharing the news to reach a larger base of the audience for quicker responses on whereabouts of the person who has gone missing.

Tracing the Phone & Bank Activities

With the help of the authorities, trace the phone of the missing person and use technology in seeing where the person is currently or last located, using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Monitoring bank activities as well help in locating the person in case he/she uses the bank account to make any transactions or settlements.

Check These Few Important Places

Lastly, make sure you pay for a trip around these listed places in case the missing individual is seeking shelter in them or is unfortunately trapped around there.

  • Jails in the area
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shelter homes
  • Transport depots like airlines, bus routes, taxi services, railway stations, and even train rail or subway systems.
  • Friends and family cross borders

These are the primary steps to first take when it comes to finding a missing person. As it’s obvious to see, these are all offline methods. There are also methods online on the internet that can help in finding missing people. There are online websites and forums that are dedicated solely towards the people who went missing or in hiding, helping users to post detailed information along with the places the person usually hang outs around, in order to reach his/her social circle to make digital requests for help in finding the missing person and awakening the society to join a noble cause. Using such web pages significantly demands of the law enforcement to assist in tracking person with all their might. And therefore creating an account and listing that a particular person has gone missing could be of at least a little aid in finding the person or making the online society aware of the situation.  

On following these steps, the chances of finding the missing person improve significantly, limiting the search area to a radius where the individual is most likely to be found and spreading awareness and registering the mishap on valid portals. It is a pro tip to not be disheartened in such scenarios as optimism and efficient planning could take us a long way in situations of tragedies.

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