Facebook has become an easy target for scammers through which they can scam its users. Mostly, because many people accept unknown friend requests on Facebook without giving it a second thought. The scammers make a fake id on Facebook by imposing someone you know, then they text innocent Facebook users to trick them into giving money, personal information or clicking on random malicious links.

Since there is no way of knowing if the people behind the screens are actually who they show they are on their profiles or just predators looking for victims to scam, how can you be sure and secure in who you are texting and trusting into giving information? So its very important to be careful while dealing with scammers on Facebook not fall prey to them.

How to Find Out Whether Someone Is A Scammer or Not

  • If you receive a friend request, go through their Facebook profile. A fake profile will have a few pictures with barely any likes and comments on them.
  • Have you received a friend request from someone with whom you are already friends with? To make sure it’s not a scammer disguised as your friend, check your friends list. If you already have a friend with the same name on your friends list, then you know who’s the fake one.
  • Go through their friends list. If there are a very few people on their friends list or no mutual friends, then its potentially a scammer.

If you are getting messages from people you don’t know and you suspect that it’s a scam,

How to Report A Scammer on Facebook

  • Go on to the profile of the scammer.
  • There’s an ellipsis () button on the bottom right of the “cover photo” of that profile. Click the () button and a drop-down menu will appear. Next, click the “Report” option from the menu.
  • After you click on the Report button a new pop up will open from which you can select the option according to your situation and finish reporting.

Sometimes scammers use your name to make afake account with your identity. If you don’t own a Facebook account and still an account with your name exists, then chances are your details are being used by a scammer to lure other Facebook users. But you can report this too. Here’s how to report a scammer disguised as you on Facebook-

  • Report an imposter by visiting the Help Centre webpage of Facebook,
  • Click the “Report Something” option on the left side of the screen under the “Desktop Help” button.
  • Next, a new menu will appear. Now select “Don’t Have an Account” option. This will open another menu from which you select “How do I report a fake account that’s pretending to be me if I don’t have a facebook account?”. Click on the “file a report” option which will lead you to the “Report an Imposter Account” menu. Select the option that relates to your situation.
  • To take action against the imposter account, Facebook will ask you a few questions that you will have to answer on this page. It will also ask for your details to verify your identity such as your email address and a valid Id issued by the government. Once your identity is verified by Facebook, it will delete the imposter account.

Therefore, the above mentioned measures can help you prevent yourself from getting scammed and report a Facebook scammer in easy steps.

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